“Our goal is not growth. Growth is a natural consequence of success and success is formed from serving our clients well. That service is our goal – to show the world that trust in us will be returned many times over.” – Mohammed Labda, Chairman

About Us

About Us

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality and affordable product in an exclusive and discriminating environment. Al Rayyan Construction is based in Doha, Qatar, home to one of the world’s most vibrant construction markets. Since its inception Al Rayyan has kept its focus on the construction of high end buildings and villas, steel structure and infrastructure.

We believe in focusing on our core expertise and consistently performing at the peak of our abilities. Throughout our history, our employees have conducted projects with a value totaling well over 150 million Qr and have demonstrated initiative and individual performance acting independently in the majority of their work.


Our Mission

To establish ourselves as the top choice in the market by consistently delivering technical projects that are of the highest quality, demonstrate exceptional performance and are completed within the promised time frame.


Our Vision

Our aim is to attain a position of eminence as a construction firm in the GCC, characterized by steady and responsible expansion, strong connections with our clients, and an environment that is conducive to the well-being of our workforce.

Utility works


Civil Works

Construction and maintenance of large-scale public works requiring earthmoving, such as roads, canals, water and sewage systems, pipelines and airports, or the foundations of buildings.

steel structures

Frames and gantries for factories and warehouses. Our modular construction methods offer design freedom and are easy to assemble. Short turnaround time makes it a fast and economical solution.


Not only do we cater to private sector needs, but we are also capable of meeting the infrastructure maintenance and development needs of local, regional, or even national governments, including roads, power lines, water mains, natural gas pipes, public buildings, and more.


From earthmoving to water features, trees and shrubbery, pathways and patios, we offer services for residential, commercial and light industrial use. Whether you need aesthetic touches for a garden, or levelling for goods vehicles, we can provide.

Building interior

We can take your projects to completion, inside and out. From light fixtures to ceilings, HVAC, fire suppression systems, plumbing and bathrooms, elevators and fire stairs, we can provide all essentials required by your local building codes.

Street signage

Making a house a home, or taking an office from a stark white box to a comfortable and efficient work space, is and essential element of any build. From paint to shelving and plumbing, we offer hand-picked materials and utilize them in the best possible way, remaining sensitive to shifts in culture and fashion.

Design and consulting

There are times when an outside perspective is necessary for a project. Our experienced engineers and specialists are available to provide consultation, offer guidance, or present alternative solutions and designs that will satisfy your requirements.

Demolition works

When a building has to come down, you can rest assured that our engineers are ready to conduct all demolition work in a safe, controlled and expedient manner. We are proud to say that in spite of the dangers associated with demolition work, we boast a spotless safety record in the field.


Utilities Extension Projects connect your new building to existing infrastructure, including new road connections, sewer and waste pipes, water, electricity, phone and fiberoptic lines.

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Contact Us


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